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Consent to Transfer

Consent to transfer your current helper

What does it mean – Consent to transfer? 


It means that the current employer has given prior consent to allow the helper to seek employment with another employer in Singapore. 


Under MOM’s regulation, the current employer has to give explicit consent for the domestic worker to seek another employment while still under employment in Singapore. 


Some important points to note: 
1) The worker has to have at least 1-month validity on the current work permit before being allowed to transfer. 
2) The worker must not have any outstanding medical examination request by MOM. 

Allowing your helper to transfer

Consent to Transfer 3

Facilitating a Smooth Transition for Transfer Helpers


To aid in the seamless transition of transfer helpers to a new employer, we kindly request the current employer to acknowledge that the worker has prior permission for the transfer.


This acknowledgement does not establish a legal obligation nor does it signify a commitment to our agency. Its a confirmation to employers that Goodhire has your permission to seek a new employer for your helper. 


Employers have the option to specify their desired transfer date. Upon securing a new employer for your worker, we will get in touch for your verification and authorisation with MOM.


We’re pleased to mention that the transfer service through our agency is FREE of charge for both employers and workers.

Acknowledgement Form

Why transfer your helper through Goodhire?

We are a Fair and Transparent agency registered with the Ministry of Manpower Singapore. 


We do not charge employers and workers for transferring though our agency. 


We do not “lock-in” your worker to our agency, workers are free to search for their own employer as well. 


We respect your time and plans, we will try our best to complete the procedure at your specified transfer dates within reasonable timeline. 


Proper verification of prospective employers to ensure we do not delay any transfer procedure. 


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