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Our Story

Jude found Marife through an agency and hired her to support his growing family. He remembers he didn’t have to pay very much but was shocked to realise that the agency had charged Marife 8 months of her salary for the job placement. As an employer, he felt terrible and convinced that there was a better way for Singapore families to hire the support they needed at home. 

So 9 years later, here we are with Goodhire. 

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The Founder

Jude has over six years experience working in the recruitment industry. With an in depth understanding of the complexity of employment relationship, as well as, government regulations, he is able to navigate the hiring and employment process in an accessible and clear way, emphasising the importance of empathy when working with employers and domestic helpers through the hiring and employment process. He works closely with all the related stakeholders, leading the sustainable development and expansion of Goodhire and our progress towards influencing the wider industry with our values of ethical practice, transparency, and accountability.

How do domestic helpers’ agency debts impact employers?

When Singapore families turn to agencies to help them with hiring a domestic helper, they find the domestic helper owing 2-8 months worth of salary to the agency. The employer then must sign an agreement with the agency to loan what is owed in order to hire the domestic helper.

Not only does this start domestic helpers off in their contracts deeply in debt. And it’s highly problematic for employers too. Tied down by the terms and conditions of the loan agreement, employers have no alternative to keep working with the same agency even if things don’t work out with the domestic helper they hired. This all too common practice is doing a disservice to employers and domestic helpers alike.

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Our Solution

We knew that there was a better way of hiring domestic helpers and that’s why we’re Goodhire today. We never charge fees to domestic helpers, and so our agency works for the interests of everyone.

Singapore families benefit because we’re focused on delivering great service and helping them find a good match for their family. Domestic helpers can do their jobs free from recruitment debt. It’s the way it should be.

Supported By

Goodhire is an investee of Honest Jobs, an incubator of ethical recruitment agencies across Asia.

The support and mentorship of Honest Jobs enables Goodhire to tap into expertise and resources to effectively tackle the challenges in migrant recruitment in Singapore.

Licensed and Member of

Licensed with the Ministry of Manpower 16C7967
Accredited with the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA)
A proud member of Singapore Mediation Centre
A social enterprise member with raiSE – Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise
A member of the Association of Employment Agencies (Singapore)