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What is an IPA and why do I need it?

In Singapore, IPA stands for In-Principle Approval. It refers to the initial approval given by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) to a foreigner who has been offered employment by a Singaporean employer. The IPA is issued in the form of a letter that outlines the conditions for the foreigner’s entry and stay in Singapore, including the duration of stay, the type of work that can be performed, and the validity period of the work pass.

Once the foreigner has received the IPA, they must then obtain a work pass or employment pass in order to start work in Singapore legally. This involves undergoing a medical examination, submitting the required documentation, attending the SIP ( Settling In Programme) for 1st-time helpers working in Singapore and paying the relevant fees. The work permit is typically issued within a few days of the application being submitted, provided that all the requirements have been met.

The IPA is an important document for both the employer and the foreign employee, as it serves as proof that the employee has been approved to work in Singapore and outlines the conditions of their employment. It is also an important step in the process of obtaining a work permit which is necessary for foreign workers to legally work in Singapore.