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Helper’s well being and helping her to integrate well in Singapore

When hiring a new MDW from a different country for the 1st time, there may be some initial challenges to overcome. These may include language barriers, adjusting to modern household appliances, getting used to living in high-rise buildings, and differences in childcare practices. It’s important to give your MDW time to acclimate to your way of life and provide orientation and training support during the early stages of employment.

Providing adequate food is essential, and you should provide three meals a day. A sample daily meal plan for a moderately active female includes four slices of bread with a spread for breakfast, a lunch consisting of one bowl of rice, three-quarters cup of cooked vegetables, a palm-sized serving of meat (fish/poultry/beef/lamb), and fruit, and a similar dinner. Be aware of your MDW’s dietary needs and restrictions, such as religious beliefs or unfamiliarity with certain foods.

Employers are fully responsible for your MDW’s medical needs. This includes bearing the full cost of any medical care, hospitalisation, and providing medical and personal accident insurance.

Open communication is crucial, and your MDW may experience homesickness and loneliness. You can help by showing her how to contact her family and send letters home and encourage her to get to know other helpers in the same neighbourhood /church /social gathers for domestic helpers in Singapore ( FAST / AEAS)

It’s important to try to integrate your MDW into your family by being patient and tolerant and understanding her background.

Lastly, you must ensure that the MDW works safely by following approved work practices from the Employers’ Orientation Programme provided by MOM.