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Helper’s Accommodation

To ensure that your MDW (maid/domestic worker) is accommodated appropriately, certain requirements must be met: 

Adequate shelter: The accommodation provided should offer ample protection against environmental elements such as sun, rain or strong winds.  

Basic amenities: To meet the minimum requirements, you must provide a mattress, pillow, blanket, bathroom amenities, and toiletries (e.g. soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.). 

Sufficient ventilation: The accommodation must have adequate ventilation. If natural ventilation is insufficient, mechanical ventilation (e.g. electrical fan) should be provided. 

Safety: The accommodation must not pose any threat of harm or injury to your MDW. Dangerous equipment or structures must not be located near the area where your MDW sleeps. 

Modesty: To maintain your MDW’s modesty, she should not share the same room with a male adult or teenager. If you install video recording devices, you must inform your MDW of their location and avoid placing them in areas that may compromise her privacy or modesty, such as where she sleeps, changes clothes, or uses the bathroom.  

Space and privacy: It is preferable to provide a separate room for your MDW. If this is not possible, ensure that the accommodation has sufficient space and privacy.