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Helper’s off-day and off-day compensation

The well-being and rest days of your migrant domestic worker (MDW) are your responsibility as an employer. You must ensure that your MDW receives adequate medical care, proper accommodation, safe working conditions, and rest days.

Rest days are essential, and your MDW is entitled to at least one rest day per week. From 1 January 2023, all employers must ensure that their MDWs have at least one rest day per month that cannot be compensated away. If your MDW agrees to work on the remaining rest days in the month, you must compensate her with an additional payment of at least 1 day’s salary or a replacement rest day taken within the same month.  

MOM’s formula for calculating MDW’s off-day compensation: 

Salary ( with weekly offs) / 26 = 1 work day compensation

If your MDW is currently receiving compensation for all her rest days, you must let her take at least one rest day a month from 1 January 2023 and discuss with her how her rest day will be taken. 

Rest days can be taken flexibly, either as one full day or over two half days. If she is unable to take her rest day in a particular month, it can be deferred by up to one month.